My PhD Dissertation

Research Interests:

My professional experience is in the field of environmental evaluation and decision making. My research interests include optimization and modeling of environmental and disaster management systems. Most of my research work deals in environmental decision making with the help of various numerical techniques and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using satellite data

Research Projects:

  1. Assessment of Canal Rehabilitation work in Sindh using geospatial techniques’
    funded by Pakistan Higher Education Commission. Project duration June 2013-May 2014.
  2. Vulnerability Assessment for Potential Glacial Lakes Outburst Floods (GLOFs) Events in Passu and Bagrot Valley, Pakistan. Project initiated by ICIMOD under  MyCOE / SERVIR Himalayas Fellowship Program. Role: Students’ Supervisor. (Final Report)

Working on following Research Proposals:

  1. Water Quality Modeling and Mapping along Karachi Coast using Satellite Data
  2. Remote Sensing for Tsunami Hazard Mapping and Evacuation Modeling along Pakistan Coastline

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